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Introducing – Kidywolf by Belgian firm Nespart

Kidywolf by Belgian firm Nespart is a Belgian brand founded by a group of childhood friends. It is a brand 100% dreamed of in Belgium. KIDYWOLF is a company that strives to provide quality products for young people. They believe in the importance of family, sharing and conviviality values ​​that are crucial when raising children so they can live happy lives with meaning at every turn; however play should not only be entertaining but also encourage physical development as well mental attitudes such social skills or emotional stability through open-ended exploration without judgement from others (or themselves).

Kidywolf Logo by Belgian firm Nespart - HMT Global Official Distributor


We decided to create a new brand that offers Design and Fun toys.
KIDYWOLF was born at the beginning of 2019 and will continue to amaze you.

“KIDY” is about those young children who are not yet teenagers.


For the wolf, the family is essential, as for us. They live in packs and take care of each other.

Wolves are tolerant animals and accept other lone wolves into their pack.

Kidywolf by Belgian firm Nespart - HMT Global Official Distributor

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Les Deglingos | HMT Global News

New Brand Alert! – Les Deglingos Children’s Soft Toys

We are happy to announce that we have the exclusive rights to distribute French Children’s brand Les Deglingos.

Globe Trotoys (Les Deglingos) is the number one place to buy unique, high-quality products for your child. They have everything you need from plushies and comforters all of way up through discovery toys! Our collection will take them into an exciting imagination with its perfect design as well as fabrics made out durable materials that can stand up against wear & tear so even if they get rough playtime isn’t boring anymore because now there’s something new every time.

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HMT Global - Eco Friendly Nu Bento Lunch Box News

Our Eco Friendly drive

The planet is warming and it will effect us all. As has been recognised by almost every government worldwide and acknowledged further in the recent COP summit, we have to do more as countries, governments and individuals.

Here at HMT Global we We are trying our hardest to support our brands in to the transition to a eco-friendly, re-usable and zero waste future.

Many of our brands new lines and products are supporting this, and we endeavour to pass this on to the retailers and consumers wherever possible.

For more information how you can supply these products in your store or how we can all make a positive change in the future please get in touch. On our Contact Us page  #ecofriendly #eco #zeroplastic #thefutureisgreen