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The Swedish Essence of Homeware: Unveiling Sagaform

Sagaform, a brand that’s synonymous with innovative and joyful gifts, has been embracing homes with its Swedish design since 1996. It stands as a paragon of timeless Scandinavian design, offering a range of products that encapsulate the essence of Swedish functionality and aesthetic appeal. From kitchen accessories to tableware and home decor, Sagaform's products are not only a treat to the eyes but also uphold a sustainable quality meant to be appreciated across generations​.

Sagaform’s mission extends beyond just selling products; it aims to cultivate good, loving relationships by offering well-designed, well-priced products that are the perfect gifting solutions for various occasions. Whether you're playing the host for a Saturday night dinner or wishing to welcome new neighbors, Sagaform’s range of products comes off as a natural gifting option. The brand has meticulously collaborated with some of Sweden’s top designers to ensure their products stay abreast with the prevailing home furnishings trends, making Sagaform a reliable choice for those looking to gift or own top-of-the-line Scandinavian design​.

The distribution of these exquisite products in the UAE and across the GCC has been made seamless by us at HMT Global, we are a Dubai-based distribution company. We have made it their mission to bring bits of European style to the Middle East and North Africa, with Sagaform being one of the distinguished brands in our portfolio. Through us at HMT Global, individuals and retailers in the UAE and GCC can effortlessly access Sagaform's range of products, bringing a touch of Sweden into their homes and establishments​.

Sagaform not only prioritizes design and quality but is also a part of the New Wave Group, which believes in sustainable growth. They strive for business solutions that are financially profitable while being socially and environmentally sustainable. This reflects the brand’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, ensuring that while your home basks in the elegance of Sagaform’s products, you are also partaking in a brand that values sustainability​.

Indulge in the Sagaform experience and let every product tell a story of Swedish tradition mingled with modern design, all thanks to HMT Global’s dedicated distribution network in the UAE and across the GCC. Your journey into the heart of Swedish design is just a Sagaform product away!

This blog post is brought to you by HMT Global, the official distributor of Sagaform in the UAE and across the GCC. Explore the Sagaform range here.